Modern Interior Designs Company in Dubai

We at Highmoon, Modern Interior Design Company in Dubai is creating all modern interior design for your home, offices, showroom, restaurant, entertainment, and even in healthcare places. We undertake your office interior plan and make it into reality. What we usually do first and we consider important is that we ask several questions for your requirements and how do you want your office would like. We ask from you what would be your 5 years plan for your business as we can plan or design your office in accordance to your business plan. We then incorporate our ideas and your ideas and put everything into paper giving you an AutoCad lay-out reflecting what has been discussed with regards to your dream office. Finally, we build your plan and make your office design for real. We always give the best service suitable for your budget. We have several experiences with our valuable client. For example, they have 25 staff for the last 4 years in 3000sqft office space, now we design his office for only 1450sqft space having the same quantity of staff with dining room. We get commendable regards from this client as everybody is enjoying in their new office more than their old office. This is our experience in Dubai market. We design and we build. Call our office at 04-3790330 or to Mr. Kalam at 055-9477776 / 052-9477776 for any advice for new office selection and giving a modern look interior design.

Modern Interior Design

Modern office interior design will make the best possible use of the space available and will ensure that employees feel good working there. Studies show that an attractive and spacious feeling office is the best possible way to reduce staff turnover, and increase productivity. Highmoon Interior Design Company in Dubai has all the expertise in showcasing modern interior design for your offices.

A well thought out, contemporary office interior design will also create a good impression to visiting clients and help to project an organised, professional look that inspires confidence and trust. In today’s competitive market, businesses can’t afford to let shabby looking premises lose them clients to the competition.

Does your office need a refurbishment?

There are a number of reasons that an office interior design may need refurbishing. If you have updated the company image through your web site and literature, then it is important the office space reflects the new brand. In this case you may want to find an interior design consultant such as Highmoon Interior Decoration to achieve your desired interior design. As for Highmoon Interior Decoration concepts, a simple cosmetic update – changing colours, pictures and furniture may be all that is required to update the look and feel of the office to bring the company image into line.

Equally an office that hasn’t been updated for a few years may be looking tatty and tired, and would benefit enormously from a simple repaint, and the addition of a few new accessories such as office furniture and window blinds to breathe new life into the space. Several interior design companies in Dubai offer false hope to the client, however, we at Highmoon Interior Design Company in Dubai only gives the best for our clients.

On the other hand, more serious refurbishments may be required if the company has expanded and needs to accommodate more staff into the existing office space. The interior design will then require space planning services, to incorporate additional desks and washrooms. This can be an excellent, cost effective solution for businesses, who do not wish to go through the upheaval of moving, and solutions can often be developed that provide the extra space without compromising the comfort of employees. Space planning can also be required in refurbishments where the business activities have changed. When you want to contact interior design consultant to do the refurbishment such as above, consider Highmoon Interior Design Company in Dubai as we are only experts in space planning. You will never regret choosing us as your interior design contractor.

Planning an office refurbishment

Highmoon Interior Design Company in Dubai suggests few tips when planning an office refurbishment, it is important to consider the following:

• What are the main objectives of the refurbishment? What do you want to achieve from the re-design?

• What are the problems with the current design? What functionality do you need that is not currently available?

• What are the main business activities? What percentage of space needs to be allocated to each of the main activities?

The questions above will help you develop your office design brief.

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