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When you plan for your new place may it be for residential or commercial, Highmoon Decoration LLC is always there to serve you. You can call us in our office at 04-3790330 or to Mr. Kalam at 055-9477776 to directly ask for an advice for office planning. We are the best and luxury interior decoration Company in Dubai. We are also giving interior decoration idea in accordance to your life style. We bring 100% interior design which best suited to your life style. Interior decoration means Highmoon Decoration LLC. We offer the best service we can!

Luxury Interior Decoration

Highmoon Decoration LLC, best interior design contractors, Dubai based will advise on choosing the right wall coverings to complete your office decoration. Whether you require a product that is highly durable, easily cleaned or fire rated we have a wide choice of coverings in varying colours, patterns and textures to complement your interior design scheme.

Whether it’s value for money, a luxurious finish or high impact you’re after, Highmoon Decoration LLC, leading interior design consultants, Dubai based supply and install a wide range of wall coverings to suit all commercial interiors. You can choose from fabric backed or paper-backed styles in various widths, or from luxurious textiles and specialist papers produced with natural grasses or fiberglass.

Fabric backed wall coverings

Fabric backed wall coverings are extremely tough and durable and priced to suit all budgets. They are ideal for areas of heavy traffic like reception areas, public areas, corridors and stairwells, as their cotton scrim or backing material provides the extra strength necessary to withstand heavy wear and tear. This will make your interior design very elegant.

Paper backed wall coverings

We have a great range of paper backed wall coverings featuring many different colours and designs. The paper-backed range is ideal for low traffic areas, such as office and boardroom interiors. This will make an office interior design looks luxurious.

We also have a range of wide, paper backed wall coverings that have been designed specifically for the purpose of decorating office partition systems. These coverings, when used in conjunction with a specifically patented fire protection system.

Alternative wall coverings

Interior Design in Dubai chooses wide range of wall coverings as it goes far beyond paper and fabric backed products to include modern, high-end alternative materials such as woven grass papers and wall coverings made from woven fiberglass. These environmentally friendly materials are extremely durable, attractive and fire retardant.

Write on – wipe off wall coverings

Another concept for wall covering for interior design is your white board on a wall - this wall covering is ideal for boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and educational establishments from junior schools to universities. It goes on like a normal wall covering but it acts as a whiteboard. The dry wipe surface is perfect for problem solving sessions or for simply leaving messages for people.

Wall coverings with digital print

Most companies’ interior design in Dubai used wall coverings that can be produced in your company colors, featuring your company logo or corporate message, repeated ad-infinitum. At Highmoon Decoration, expert in interior design, Dubai based can also produce a plain wall covering designed to cover a large accent wall featuring a huge, centrally positioned logo. The possibilities are endless and the effect is truly amazing. Clients and customers alike will be blown away by the visual impact of this wall covering, which may just as easily be defined as a digital art installation.

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