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Company Profile

Highmoon is an office furniture manufacturer based in the furniture industrial district between Dubai and all other emirates in UAE, gathering in a few square kilometers a lot of manufacturers of furnishing and its components along with outside contractors specialized in manufacturing both wood and metal components.

For this reason, too, Highmoon office furniture in Dubai can produce higher-quality office furniture supplies thanks to all the synergies coming from the UAE factories, while the greater care in the production process and improvement can be ascribed also to the constant presence and hard work of owners working in their factories.


Highmoon office furniture philosophy is based on some fundamental values:

  • Highmoon office furniture giving WELLNESS and SAFENESS of the working environment.
  • Highmoon office furniture making CUSTOMER SATISFACTION thanks to the product but also to the service pre and post-sales.
  • Highmoon office furniture take care of TOTAL QUALITY AND RESPECT OF THE ENVIRONMENT in all company processes.
  • Highmoon office furniture in Dubai making STRONG AND LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with customers and supplier which become PARTNERS of the company.

This Highmoon office furniture philosophy becomes reality in all company processes, which are continuously monitored. Safeness, quality system and respect of the environment are also certified by international entities.


Our mission is OFFICE LIVING: create office furniture thinking about the complete wellness of the user, mixing together made in UAE design, flexibility, functionality, quality and respect of the environment.


Everyday activity is guided by an important concept, SUSTAINABILITY. Highmoon office furniture wants to contribute to the present and future wellness of the company and of all stakeholders: employees, dealers, customers, community and environment.


Highmoon office furniture begun its activity in 2007, producing economic office furniture, getting immediately a good success in the international markets. Good results allowed, to a young and dynamic reality, to realize conspicuous and continuous investments in new productive and commercial techniques. The introduction of new directional products laminate and wood veneers, allowed to join another ring and to complete the chain of product.

Now our catalogue offers the largest products choice. Highmoon office furniture sells its products all over GCC, now it is developing Asian markets. The continuous presence as exhibitors at the main fairs has allowed us to compare with other productive realities and to develop Highmoon office furniture brand in an international status.


The work of many people, new ideas, prototypes and products in our catalogues find concreteness in our company showrooms: two different spaces where the product is the main character, a place where you can see it, study all the details, touch it and disassemble it. The real way to get in contact with Highmoon office furniture.

Quality and Environmental Standards

Highmoon office furniture has been taking care of Quality, Health, and safety and Environment themes since the beginning in order to supply services and products as per the expectations of the market. This is the reasons why the company is certified ISO BAS 9001: DAG 2008. The Business Management is continuously modified and improved so that: the Highmoon office furniture management pursues the improvement of the quality and environment standards through action plans and responsibility sharing; the Staff is duly educated and trained; each order is analyzed and re-examined and each complain is checked and quickly solved; all the materials are controlled and all the processes are constantly monitored; planning is executed under documented and strict standards; the environmental impact is kept under control; waste, emergencies, natural and energy sources and chemical products are managed. Product quality, respect of the environment, health and safety. Highmoon office furniture in Dubai, continues to believe and invest in excellence to give the best to its customers in terms of product and service quality, promote and implement the respect of environment and sustainable development, provide a safe and healthy workplace for employees.

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