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Our architectural and decorative cladding are designed and manufactured to allow for quick installation and on-site finishing, and our experienced team of fitters is adept at overcoming any last minute on-site difficulties. Our reputation is built on our ability to produce architectural curves and geometric shapes with stability and integrity of form, from the grandest scale to the finest detail. Our teams are dedicated to achieving exceptional standards of finish. We have completed a wide range of high profile projects in the Gulf region for complete office Fit-Outs? in residential, commercial developments and public buildings.

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Design a color palette. Start with a focus item. If you are using the wall mural idea above, choose that. If not, pick a piece of artwork, an item relating to your business or even your company logo. For example, a company that organizes outdoor travel excursions could use a kayak or a decorative snowboard. Pick colors from your focal object: one or two dominant colors and some lighter, more neutral shades. Use these colors to pick paint for the walls, window treatment colors, and colors for carpeting and furniture.

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A digital theme dictates modern looking furniture. Look for items with stainless steel accents, glass and bright colors. Choose waiting room chairs with square angles and a modern look. Get a reception desk that fits the theme and color scheme. Carry the theme into the conference room and any other open areas. Each individual office can vary the theme a bit, based on the tastes of the office occupant, but should not be a big departure from the theme or color scheme.

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